Zippo Butane Fuel (100ml / 3,38oz).

Zippo Butane Fuel (100ml / 3,38oz).

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Zippo Butane Fuel will keep your Flex Necks, Candle Lighters, and Outdoor Utility Lighters working at their best.

  • 100ml / 3.38oz
  • For use with flex necks, candle lighters, outdoor utility lighters
  • For use with butane lighters and butane torches
  • Made in USA

Note: This product is for all Multipurpose Utility Lighters, Flex Neck Utility Lighters, Candle Lighters, and Outdoor Utility Lighters. Do NOT use in Windproof Lighters or Hand Warmers.

This product can only be send to: the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

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